Resonance 2007 oil on canvas 90cm x 122cm

Rocks, Tidal River Beach 1988 oil on canvas

New York Red 2001 oil on canvas 50cm x 60cm

Yael's Dance 2007 oil on canvas 122 cm x 152cm

Forest, Mt Stromlo. 1973 oil on canvas153cm x 182cm

Trees, Mt Buffalo 1982 oil on canvas 120cm x 153cm IBM collection

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream 2007 oil on canvas 117cm x 117cm Art Gallery of Ballarat

Macy's 2001 oil on canvas 50cm x 60cm

Three Graces 2007 oil on canvas 112cm x 90cm oil on canvas

Capitol Hill 1973 oil on canvas 300cm x 183cm collection National Australia Bank

Composition One (DeeWhy) 1973 240cm x 183cm oil on canvas collection Australian National University

Afternoon Pelican Beach 1989 oil on canvas 153cm 180cm collection Swinburne University

Trees Cotter Reserve 1973 oil on canvas 153cm x 180cm collection Australian National Gallery

Tidal River 1978 oil on canvas 150cm x 183cm collection Alcoa (USA)

Bathing Sheds 1989 oil on canvas 153cm x 180cm

Procession 2008 oil on canvas 122cm x 153cm

Rehearsal 2008 oil on canvas 112cm x 152cm

Crowd 1970 Acrylic on canvas 180cm x 240cm collection Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Blue Figure 1968 acrylic 120cm x 90cm

Shells and Sponges 1961 watercolour

River Bank (one) 1974 oil on canvas 152cm x 183cm collection TarraWarra Museum of Art


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