3D Modelled Computer Generated Images
These images were rendered from polygon vertex mesh objects with texture mapping added. The mesh ( similar to chicken wire) has control points or vertices at each intersection which can be manipulated along the x,y,z. axis in the 3d space. Objects constructed by this means can then be given a surface colour, or visual texture. During rendering the computer can also calculate reflections and the incidence of refraction, attenuation of light and various other effects. The medium offers the means of developing concepts and images containing the light, colour, visual texture and illusion common to painting together with the form and three dimensional space activating aspects of sculpture. The themes in this work parallel those of my painting - movement and quiescence, time and eternity, change and immutability. My abiding interest has been in light and form and the equivalents they represent, energy and matter, spirit and corporeality.
Saddle 2005 digital print
Ingathering 2005 digital print
Around until 2005 digital print
Tea with Isaiah 53 2002 povray image
Concerto 2005 Digital print
Underway 2005 digital print